Shower Enclosures are all the Rage

Shower Enclosures are all the Rage

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Just about everyone may have their private ideas about Choosing The Right Glass Shower Enclosure.

Exclusive Bathroom Shower Enclosures
Spending money in high quality products for a shower room such as a shower room not just boost the appeal of your restroom, however will certainly look similarly as good 10 years from now. Offered in countless designs, shower rooms can give your restroom a much more large feel as well as call for little upkeep at the same time.
Living in the modern world, showers have ended up being a lot more of a high-end contrasted to the old days in Greece where pull cable showers were taken outdoors and also just a cold water supply was readily available due to absence of plumbing. Greater than an invited adjustment took place in the direction of the last part of the 80's and also right into the very early the 90's when new technologies were introduced into the bathroom remodeling sector where bathroom suppliers saw a splurge in shower and also bathroom sales, showing even more home owners were aiming to high end their washrooms.
Shower units were promoted partially of the style boom with restroom providers exhibiting sleek fashionable layouts. Not before long homeowners were destroying their existing shower rooms to the bare walls, thus creating a rise sought after for house specialists and renovation companies induced by the shower room design frenzy. The appearance of shower rooms became a bottom line of rate of interest as it gave way to opening a shower room where the shower no longer had to be affixed to the bath and just needed additional plumbing be set up in order to fit the placement of the shower enclosure.
Today's remodelers are going large and also going for it when it concerns redesigning their bathrooms considering that there are far more design principles offered particularly for the smaller washroom. Usually the typical size of a washroom is roughly 130-140sq ft, according to the National Interior Decoration Council when the brand-new market trends entered into play, house owners wanted to shower rooms as a means to provide bathrooms an extra roomy allure. A critical consider helping change the shower industry scheduled in part to home owners moving in the direction of replacing solitary showers with two-person showers and getting rid of adjoined bath/shower units.
The wish for homeowners to reveal their specific style flare is greatly expressed in the raised number of sales in connection with shower units where people are wanting to exceed the typical sliding glass door shower or shower certain. Considering that shower units have undergone a remarkable modification in the past a number of years, individuals are quickly discovering frameless shower doors as well as rooms are in vogue which taking a relaxing shower in one of these stylish easy-to-clean shower rooms is a sanctuary of large satisfaction.
Staying with the trend towards openness as well as ventilated areas, the noteworthy series of shower enclosure styles include a magnificent appeal to any shower room redesigning task, from frameless quadrant shower enclosures for an ultra modern look or distinctly made frosted glass corner shower room decorated in chrome or stainless-steel. The amazing phenomenon of shower enclosure designs directly provides to the success of the shower room as well as shower sector and also has actually often been reported at times challenging for restroom vendors to maintain supply in supply, showing there is supply sought after and also is on a steady higher climb. According to indoor developers with even more homes being built, people are customizing their bathrooms prior to completion to incorporate the most recent patterns in restroom design with shower rooms leading the way not only due to their ageless beauty, but are easily maintained and with every person leading way of livings that is an included incentive.


Scudo i10 Glass Shower Panels

These new 10mm panels from Scudo (now called Shield X on our website) can be configured in a 1, 2 or 3 screen arrangement to suit your space. They share some characteristics with the existing i8 range like the 2000mm high panels, flipper panel options, Acqua Shield Glass treatment and lifetime guarantee.

A Choice On Minimalism

For an even more minimalist finish, providing you don’t live in too old a dwelling, this can be swapped for a bead of silicone sealant. The included seal offers a degree of adjustment for out of true walls but with just the silicon bead your walls need to be true.

To add support to the installation the panels are each supplied with a modern style support arm. In configurations of 2 or more panels, the arms can be joined by means of a T-piece.

Support Arms Add Rigidity

The salesperson that demonstrated the product to us said that the support arms weren’t actually necessary but can offer customers more confidence in the installation and a little more rigidity.

Aquatech 8 & 10mm Walk In Showers

If the price is the biggest factor in your choice of wetroom shower screens then an Aquatech branded model might be for you. Just because something is available at a price point though doesn’t mean to say you should buy it. After all, you get what you pay for and if you buy a cheap walk in showers you may well end up buying twice.

With that said if you are looking to buy a walk in shower, we can safely say the Aquatech is affordable but doesn’t cut any corners in terms of safety. The glass is to EN standards and the profiles look half decent.

Shower Deflector Panel Now Available Separately

The shower deflector panels for both the 8 and 10mm Aquatech screens are now available as a separate purchase. So if you’ve previously bought the walk-in screens and didn’t think you’d need one, you can now retrofit them.

Deflector panels, hinged return panels or flipper panels as they are otherwise called are great for temporarily extending your main screen. Step in, fold-out and shower.

Aquaglass Tinted or Frosted Glass Shower Panels

For something a little different in your modern urban space why not consider these tinted or frosted glass options from Aquaglass?

Ok, so you don’t need to be living in an apartment in London to enjoy the product. Especially given the available sizes you can install in the space that a standard bath would usually take up.

Nuie Fluted Glass Shower Screens

This is a new addition to our list of best walk-in shower enclosures. Like the Aquaglass models, they continue the theme of privacy and seclusion.

In this instance retro style, fluted glass helps diffuse and bend the light that passes through the screen. The surface of the glass has a grooved, bumpy feel. It reminds you of upmarket glass tumblers from John Lewis.

Velar Brushed Brass Window Frame Screen

If a brushed brass bathroom is what you’re looking for then you’re in luck as it’s also a great piece of hardware. The Velar uses a framed design rather like a standard shower door albeit without any moving parts.

You can’t really see from the computer-generated image above but this is nicely put together. Good quality slim profiles with no sharp edges and a more modern shade of brushed brass, nothing like the ornaments in a traditional pub!

The Aquaglass Velar is available in 4 sizes from 800 to 1200mm and the glass is a respectable 8mm thick. The discounted price starts at £569.99 for the 800mm unit. This isn’t a cheap option by any stretch, what it is is a luxury product for creating a fabulous showering space.

Shower Glass Enclosures

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